Executive Operations Strategy - Now including candidate search services!

We elevate leadership by evaluating efficiency, productivity, effectiveness, and then design administrative and operational support roles that work for your organization. From hiring your first Chief of Staff or Executive Assistant to designing a high-performing centralized administrative operations team, we bring over 20 years of experience and a growth mindset to serve your needs.

• How do you determine who gets support?
• How do you ensure that your leadership has the most impactful working relationship with their support team?
• How will these support roles help you execute on strategy towards your business goals?
• How do you continue to evolve these support roles to elevate leadership?

Administrative Team Design

Your administrative team has a significant impact on the success of your leadership. We design innovative, equitable, and inclusive administrative teams. The organizational structure is very different for a team of 50, to scaling up to 5,000 employees. We set you up for success by designing a team that can adapt and evolve. By investing in this team structure, your business will gain a competitive edge.

• What type of administrative team design would elevate your leadership given its stage and ambition?
• Do you have the correct talent for such a team?
• How do you recruit, hire, onboard and retain talent with the most potential?
• What change management is needed with your current administrative team to increase the efficacy of your leadership?
• What career paths, training, mentoring and coaching are needed for your administrative team to successfully scale your organization?
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What types of companies and projects do you work on? 

We work with seed-stage through public-stage companies as well as nonprofits and consult on small and large organizational projects involving support roles. We also work 1:1 with leadership and their support personnel with ongoing advising. Fees are scoped on a project and deliverable basis for both consulting and coaching.  

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How does billing work? 

Consulting and coaching fees are due prior to work commencing, typically with a discovery phase.
Carpenter Consulting Partners, Inc. is a registered California corporation.

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Do you provide recruiting or search services for Chief of Staff, Executive Assistant, Executive Operations or Administrative Business Partner roles?

We do! This is an service that can be added to the consulting scope of work.

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Do you have a partner program?

We do! Please ask us about our partner program where we consult and advise clients for equity in their companies.

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Do you create team-building offsites and workshops for Administrative Operations Teams?

We do! Please share your team's needs and we will create a custom program or agenda.