Retain Talent

If you don’t successfully partner, manage and retain your Executive Assistant/Executive Operations/Chief of Staff employee, it could be costing your business 250% of that employee's yearly salary!

EAs at a minimum improve the efficiency and effectiveness of executives by 30% so you also need to think about the additional cost of not adequately supporting your leadership. [Astutely written about in HBR here].

As experienced people managers and certified leadership coaches, we create customized solutions to help you develop and retain your talent.
  • Ongoing coaching and advising for executive leadership on managing administrative and operations roles.
  • Creation of detailed scopes of work, career levels, performance expectations and employee development.
  • Team-building and ongoing learning and development opportunities to ensure the evolution of talent enables the success of your business.
Not retaining a new employee (based on $150K salary, per SHRM) could cost your company $375K

Add-On Packages for Search Clients

* Note: These packages are only available as add-ons for retained search clients
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Supercharge your productivity and effectiveness with an onboarding plan for your new hire.
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Full Suite

You get a recruiter, fractional hiring manager, executive advisor and leadership coach all wrapped into one!