Executive Operations Strategy

Executive Operations is a term we coined over 6 years ago to signal a shift in support roles at the crossroads of Executive Assistant, Chief of Staff and Internal Operations/G&A. We find Executive Operations roles particularly impactful in smaller organizations or companies that require adaptability, flexibility and constant transformation to meet changing business needs.

Using a unique combination of advising, mentoring and coaching with a few steps we can set you on the path to even greater business success.

We help you scale and evolve:

  • What if you need your administrative team to report directly into the leaders they support (as opposed to centralizing the team) and still want to optimize efficiency, effectiveness and retain talent? 
  • How do you restructure, retrain or create an Executive Operations team to the C-Suite and leadership to best support your business goals? We support change management.
  • What roles are needed short term and long term to support the scaling and execution of your business strategy? What might the organization's evolution look like?
  • What are the measures of success?

Plans available by monthly retainer or fixed fee for special projects.

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