Enneagram for Teams

Effective teams are fundamental to the success of a company. Put more than three people together and a multitude of dynamics can emerge: sometimes collaborative and innovative, but also the opposite can occur. How can we better understand, align and develop teams?

By using the comprehensive Integrative Enneagram Team Report, we gain insights towards creating a strong, emotionally mature team, whose diversity and differences are their greatest asset, enabling them to fully express their purpose and potential.

Research suggests that employees will forget at least 50% of what they learn within a few days after attending a corporate training program. Learning is a process, not a singular event. If you want your employees to learn new skills, help them adapt and evolve for the future, invest in coaching over training. You need to contextualize what you learn in order for it to 'stick' and this can only be done with the support of coaching. With US companies spending over $100 Billion annually on training, consider redirecting those funds to 1:1 coaching, peer or team coaching to support growth and transformation that stimulates significant business outcomes.

This program is an investment in your company's core asset: people.

What is this?

Enneagram for Teams is coaching for a team. The rich data and insights provided by the Integrative Enneagram Team Report can support multitudes of team and leadership development. This includes building self-awareness and interpersonal dynamics. Teams will learn how to harness healthy conflict, build psychological safety and trust as well as leverage diversity for outstanding performance and outcomes. Programs are customizable and can even be spread out over the course of a year to support company transformation and succession planning.


  • You are a team of at least 3 individuals. Teams larger than 15 may need to be split into smaller groups
  • You report into 1 leader
  • Motivation to spend focused time together to grow, change, and evolve

Your Investment

  • Time: minimum of 6 hours divided over 2 days (remote or in-person)
  • Cost: based on team size, coaching program length and amount of days required
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