Career Coaching: What's your Why? (Intro package)

What if...

  • in a few hours, we could start you moving forwards with your job search?
  • you used your new purpose and core values towards a greater good?
  • you used your new purpose and core values towards a greater good?
  • you presented yourself with clarity and authenticity to colleagues, clients and potential employers?
  • you use all of your powers and strengths to be the best version of yourself?
  • you could make better decisions?
  • you Integrated ‘being’ with ‘doing’?

What is this?

This coaching workshop has specifically been designed to support you moving forwards from either your career dissatisfaction or job loss.

When you know your life purpose and core values you have more inner peace and confidence. As a result of being authentic and more secure with yourself,  people will take you more seriously. You will be able to build trust more easily. Imagine for a moment how your increased confidence and presence will impact your opportunities for growth, career development and compensation.

How will we do this?

We’ll work together over  2-3 sessions to identify your life purpose and define your core values. We'll then create an action plan for how you’ll use them to move forwards.

Your Investment

Time to complete a short discovery questionnaire (~20 minutes)

150 minutes by phone/audio call over 2-3 sessions