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Our purpose is to elevate leadership in everyone through our consulting, coaching, and advising services.

We specialize in working with executive and leadership roles as well as the partnership between founders, executives, leaders and the roles that support leadership across the following areas:

• Executive Operations
• Chief of Staff
• Executive Assistant
• Administrative and Executive Business Partner

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A picture of Chandan Lodha smiling in black and white

“Maïa is a legend. She's probably one of the top five administrative & executive operations experts in Silicon Valley. Just her track record alone is scintillating, but getting to work with her is where the real magic comes to life. We were looking for a top executive operations person for our company, and Maïa and her team delivered above and beyond our expectations. I would hire her again in a heartbeat. If you are looking to bring on a top admin, exec ops person, or level up your organization in these domains, look no further.”

Chandan Lodha
President & CoFounder, CoinTracker

A picture of andy coravos smiling in a black top against a red brick background.

After HumanFirst raised our Series A, we needed a more sophisticated approach to our internal operations compared to our scrappy seed state. As we thought about what roles we needed, a critical area was to scale our executive team. Given that we were still small, we didn't need a classic EA role though we needed someone who could support operations that would be more tactical than a strategic Chief of Staff. We hired Maïa to help us craft an "Executive Operations" role which is effectively a hybrid between an EA and CoS. She also worked with our team to source, recruit, interview screen and design a process for hiring this role. We brought our new EO teammate in shortly there after, and she's transformed the company. I'm very grateful that Maïa helped us learn this could could exist and she's continue to work with our team as a coach for both our EO and me so we can continue to develop this very excellent partnership.

Andy Coravos
CEO, HumanFirst

A headshot of Rachel Chavez smiling in a dark blazer with her arms folded, against a white background.

I have had the pleasure of working with Maïa when I first started my career as an Executive Assistant. She took me under her wing and provided me guidance as well as encouragement. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher. Throughout the years she has continued to be an incredible mentor to me. She is someone I reach out to when it comes to advice on my career or different aspects of our day-to-day job. She is professional, intelligent, and conquers anything that she puts her mind to!

Rachel Chavez
Executive Assistant to the Founders, Cloudflare, Inc.

Headshot of a lady again some photo frames in the background, smiling.

Every conversation with Maïa was purposeful, engaging, and personally challenging. As a veteran educator, whose life’s passion is guiding, mentoring, and supporting students, I was more inspired and better able to articulate my leadership skills with Maïa's coaching. She amplified my “Jiminy Cricket” voice, whose advice and counsel were muffled by life’s distractions. Her approach to coaching helped me clear away some noise, so that I could continue to be my own guide. Thank you Maïa!

Chai Phannaphob, Ed.D
Educator and Consultant

A photo of Ingrid Kier. She wears large frame dark glasses and smiles against a white background.

Maïa is a wonderful and seasoned leader; I found her coaching insightful and valuable. It helped me to better understand my own goals and aspirations as well as helping me to become a better manager and leader. Her guidance, counsel and capacity for understanding nuance and people are a barometer I will carry with me throughout my career. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work for her.

Ingrid Kier
Executive Operations Manager, Square

A picture of Laura Laker from the news, in a black blazer, yellow tee and against a city backdrop.

My coaching with Maïa was a transformative experience. As a career freelance journalist I was being offered bigger public speaking work, which I was apprehensive about. With a light touch Maïa gave me the courage to make the leap into this career move with confidence, and helped me thrive in this new challenge. She always approached our sessions with enthusiasm, warmth, compassion and kindness, and no matter how apprehensive I felt about talking about myself, she gave me the courage to be honest, and to believe in myself, and to consequently push myself to bigger challenges. I came away from our sessions with a clear idea of my core values and life purpose, which help guide me confidently through difficult decisions. The outcome is I am moving forward with my career in a way I couldn’t have imagined before.

Laura Laker
Freelance Journalist