Mastermind: Admin Team Manager

A mastermind group is a peer group of leaders or a “meeting of the minds” that gathers regularly to share advice, solve problems, build a network and hold each other accountable –all in a co-created confidential and safe space.

What is this?

Cohorts are limited to five qualified peer participants. Your coach will set agendas, goals, challenges and help the group stay on course. As this mastermind group is customized and peer-driven, additional details will be shared once your application has been accepted. We form groups of exceptional peers so their may be a waiting period after you are accepted for others to match your group.

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A first of its kind, this is a peer group of leaders in the field of administrative team management and EA program leaders, led by a certified executive coach facilitator. It will help you solve the big challenges you face in your role, to scale your teams, grow your leadership capabilities and advance in your career.

Research suggests that employees will forget at least 50% of what they learn within a few days after attending a corporate training program. Learning is a process, not a singular event. If you want your employees to learn new skills, help them adapt and evolve for the future, invest in coaching over training. With US companies spending over $100 Billion annually on training, consider redirecting those funds to 1:1 coaching or peer coaching to support growth and transformation that stimulates significant business outcomes.


  • You are an administrative team leader or program manager of an EA/admin team
  • Manage a minimum of 3 individual  contributors, a minimum of 2 people managers or are a program manager
  • You have been managing people for at least 1 year

Your Investment

  • The first cohort begins in 2024 with subsequent cohorts following enrollment and participant time zones
  • One, 60 minute virtual meeting per month for a minimum of 6 months
  • Occasional asynchronous assignments
  • $1000 USD per month
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